Mosquito Hawk Gallery is proud to announce the beginning of the Mosquito Hawk Studio Project! This project will allow local and international artists studio space during the galley off-season. Working individually as well as collectively to fulfill series of works that will be exhibited when the gallery re-opens in May. We are now accepting artist applications as well as donations to this non-profit project through Fractured Atlas. Check back soon for a download link for the artist application!

The Mosquito Hawk Studio Project, a child of the Mosquito Hawk Gallery, is committed to showcasing art that acts as a vehicle to transcend cross-cultural boundaries and differences to reach a position of respect and understanding. In nurturing emerging artists with technical education, studio space opportunities, and concept-driven critiques, the project aims to provide the resources necessary to inspire its’ participants, local community, and the global village in which we all reside.
Portrait of an Island

Future Mosquito Hawk Studio Projects:
• Underage: A show for artists under 18.
• Lost: A travel adventure artist trip.
• In It Together: An artist-collective critique workshop.

Portrait of an Island

Mosquito Hawk Gallery presents “Isula”, an introspective study of Shelter Island and what it represents as a home, a destination, a place of work and school and everyday life. The term portrait is loosely interpreted to represent anything from a person, place or thing to an event that tells the story of a place. We’ve asked twelve students, ages 13-18, to develop a photo essay “portrait” of the island. A number of these students will be selected by a jury to show their work at the gallery. Show opening reception is Saturday,

Twelve Shelter Island students will participate in a five week photography program. The cost per student is $550. Funding will be provided for up to six students who require financial support in order to participate. Students are provided with a unique educational opportunity that includes the following:

∗One Holga camera
∗(x) rolls of film
∗photo paper
∗basics of camera usage and photography skills
∗dark room experience
∗portfolio of work
∗ability to tell a story through photos
∗potential for work to be shown at July 3 gallery opening


∗two hour classes per week for five weeks beginning July 19


∗Mosquito Hawk Gallery
∗Ross School